SYNOPSIS A teenager fleeing arrest and a police officer running from a violent mob find themselves trapped together, in a dumpster, on the front line of a riot.
Background: 'Hiding Place' came from the most basic concept for any low budget film - having two people talk inside a single room. Using this as a foundation, the idea was then stretched by placing the room somewhere that was more interesting than in a normal house, on a normal street. The room morphed into a dumpster and the location into the middle of a riot. Once this had been established we had to look at the characters inside. Initially the story was set in the late sixties in Northern Ireland. Specifically amidst the famous 'Battle of the Bogside' in Derry with a Protestant man confronting Catholic man. After several drafts it was obvious this needed to be changed because the background to those riots were so dense that it began to overshadow the central story. Then, last August, the London riots kicked off and the latest version of the script was influenced by the vast amount of media coverage. It seemed more relevant to use this as a setting for the film rather then something that happened over forty years ago. At its most basic, the film show's people on two sides of the law - a rioter and a policeman - with their situation repeatedly changing who actually has control.
Cast Teenage Boy Zak Strickland
Policeman Tom Geoffery Police Officer 1 Andy McKeane
Police Officer 2 Johnny Gibbon Rioters Travis Alabanza Curtis Gazzard Sam Powell Dave Haile Faye Louise Buffham Daniel Buffham Gareth Macleavy Sy Taffel Daniel West Indy
Crew Directed by Written by Produced by Director of Photography Camera Assistant 2nd Camera Assistant Sound Recordist Assistant sound Production Design Assistant Design Assistant Director Storyboard Artist Associate Producer Assistant Producer Production Assistants Location Manager Sound Design Additional ADR Editor Compositor Production Company
Fergus Colville
Conor Keane
Ed Ison Simon Wagen
Camila Carlow
Liam Healey Bill Morgan
Elena Luiña Sierra Alec Walker
Gemma Clancy
Paul Philip Green Kris Griffn
Camila Carlow Conor Keane
Irma Gonzalez
Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan
Richard Cracknell
Colin O’Neill Claudio Ahlers
Daisy Tian Dai Greg Bond
Chris Field Ed Ison
Alesandro Zanforlin Saltaire Films
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